20 Celebrities Weight Transformation

So many celebrities have undergone weight transformation, some using the old-fashioned way (diet and exercise) while some with the help of medical assistance such as drugs surgery, and so on. You would wonder why do they have to shed off certain pounds? Who wouldn’t want to look smart? If a normal person has the intention of looking smart by losing certain pounds, how much more celebrities whose life her being monitored by the public?
So many celebrities have been humiliated by the public because of their shape, and in this post will show off 20 celebrities weight transformation.

Holly Hagan

Starting of this list of 20 celebrities with weight loss transformation is Holy Hagan. Holly Hagan is an English television personality from Thornaby-on-Tees. She starred on and is best known from the MTV series Geordie Shore.
She proudly shows off her slimmer figure recently on Instagram. As you can see from the photo, the Geordie Shorer posed in a black bra and simple bottoms, which clearly displays and new sweet wait, flat stomach and toned legs.
She lost three stone as a result of her using the diet and exercise tips on her book the Body Bible.
She also wrote: “It’s pictures like these that help me see that it’s completely ok to have fun and pig out now and then, especially when I’m away because I know I can get back in shape!”

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